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Step-Parent Adoption  •  Grandparent Adoption  •  Contested Adoption

Adoptions in Alabama are handled in Probate Court. Even in cases where all parties are in agreement (uncontested), it is important to have an attorney draft the necessary documents and guide the adoptive parent or grandparent through the process. When the biological parent(s) won't agree (contested), attorney representation is critical to put on the proper evidence and make the correct legal arguments. From my perspective, it is a truly rewarding experience to assist in establishing the legal relationship between the child and the adoptive parent. To get started, call or book your free consultation at the link below.

Step-Parent Adoption

  • To begin, the attorney prepares a Petition for Adoption to be filed with the Probate Court, which will set a hearing date.

  • The biological parents must be must with legal notice of the filing of the Petition and the hearing date unless they sign a document waiving formal notice.

  • For an uncontested adoption, the biological parents will sign a form consenting to the adoption. 

  • Documents to submit to the Probate Court include the marriage certificate (for step-parent adoptions), the child's birth certificate, and copies of the driver's licenses of the biological parent and adoptive parent.

  • There are other required steps and documentation required not listed here, but the above is a brief overview of the process.

Retainers start at $2,000 for uncontested adoptions but the retainer amount can vary based on the circumstances of the particular case.

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